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Seizing the occasion and catching the trend, Galaxy DR Service Company Limited has been founded to bring the best values in this special industry. By good understanding of the market, quick working process, having experienced and well-trained human resources, we have gradually consolidated our brand and competed with the market leaders in this industry in terms of efficiency and reliability, particularly in call services

Become the service providers call services professionally and effectively throughout the country.
Keep the customer’s cash flow stable and timely.
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Before working as an official employee, employees of Galaxy DR are trained and underwent an internship, then they shall be trained professionally and specifically to be allocated to appropriate debt groups. In addition, intensive training process has always been implemented by us to encourage the learning and improve the capacity and experience of staff.


In this particular sector, the requirement on customer documentation management is very important and has always been focused by us to provide the most flexible, professional and effective solution. Depending on the security requirements as well as characteristics of each project, the partners can optionally choose an appropriate management system for their units:


To continually improve and enhance the efficiency and quality of the service, we apply professional reporting system to collect the relevant data for the evaluation and analysis process to develop appropriate strategy for each stage, according to each specific project. The reporting system includes:


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