Seizing the occasion and catching the trend, Galaxy DR Company Limited has been founded to bring the best values in this special industry. By good understanding of the market, quick working process, having experienced and well-trained human resources, we have gradually consolidated our brand and competed with the market leaders in this industry in terms of efficiency and reliability, particularly in service via phone.

With the system of more than 700 seats and a staff of up to 750 people, Galaxy DR is able to meet the needs of various customers with the highest quality of service. We are currently the provider for a number of major customers such as FE Credit, VP Bank, …

With continuous efforts improving quality of service, along with high responsibility and dedication, we believe on the result of our cooperation to your success.


Become the service providers via phone professionally and effectively throughout the country.


Keep the customer’s cash flow stable and timely. 

Core value:

Quality: focus on infrastructure and human resources to deliver the highest value services to customers.

Responsibilities: try the best at the highest sense of responsibility in all tasks to reach targets.

Respect: ensure credibility of the partners and the confidentiality of each project; maintain respectful attitude toward customers of partners under all circumstances.