Professionalism has always been placed at first priority by Galaxy DR, on all aspects in order to create a solid foundation, which provides optimum performance in each pack of service. 


In this particular sector, the requirement on customer documentation management is very important and has always been focused by us to provide the most flexible, professional and effective solution. Depending on the security requirements as well as characteristics of each project, the partners can optionally choose an appropriate management system for their units:

- Use management system of partners: The partner will be more active in management and monitoring the performance of Galaxy DR

- Use BCM management system of Galaxy DR: Our system is specifically designed to help provide information to partner in a timely manner and ensure the security of customer information at the highest level.

- The system will automatically dial and distribute calls, contracts to the callers. Help to limit the missed customers when doing it manually and increase productivity 2 – 3 times as compared to the normal way so it is very suitable to the customers of low overdue. 


Before working as an official employee, employees of Galaxy DR are trained and underwent an internship, then they shall be trained professionally and specifically to be allocated to appropriate customer group. In addition, intensive training process has always been implemented by us to encourage the learning and improve the capacity and experience of staff. 


We always focus on specialization in the preparation and implementation of human resource plan to ensure stability in the number and quality of staff. In professional work, we concentrate on specialization according to each group of customers as well as allocate staff with suitable ability, experience and accent for each group customer, thereby maintain and improve the efficiency of the work over time.


To continually improve and enhance the efficiency and quality of the service, we apply professional reporting system to collect the relevant data for the evaluation and analysis process to develop appropriate strategy of each stage, according to each specific project. The reporting system includes:

- Efficiency report

- Productivity report


Beside the human factor, we made significant investment into the application of assisting technology to create the methods to contact customers in the most flexible and effective way. We are currently using the following systems:

  • Automatic dialing systems

Actively dialing customers and allocate calls and contracts to callers. The productivity of the system in 2 – 3 times higher than normal systems and is very suitable for customers of low overdue.

  • Voice blaster & SMS system

Active calls to have the report of connect ability in order to classify the possibilities of debt. From that result to apply effective solutions for high – risk customers

With solid foundation and high professionalism, the project efficiency of Galaxy DR is very impressive with the indicators of productivity of employees as well as the debt recovery rate exceeding goals set out, particularly for mortgage packages and unsecured loans for such as personal loan, motorcycles and small electrical appliances.

 In the profession of debt collection at site, we are currently using BCM system. This is an application operation on mobile devices, helping to monitor the position and continuously update report on the status of the customer as soon as the staff visit the site. This connection helps us closely manage and improve work efficiency. In the near future, we will implement this method across the country to improve the quality of service and meet further needs of partners.


When using the services provided by Galaxy DR, the customers can be assured of quality of the service with the highest efficiency as well as their prestige and reputation.

In each project, we always dedicate our maximum resources and work with the highest sense of responsibility to ensure the committed rate with partners.

 With the supervising system and regular dedicated quality control team, we always strictly control the behavior of the staff to ensure the highest security and shall consult, investigate and handle any case informed by the customers of partners to avoid unexpected incidents that may prejudice the prestige and reputation of partners.